Rural vs. Country Living

Published: 2021-07-01 03:50:20
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Sean Stafford 11/11/12 Living Urban Vs. Rural The on-going debate of living in the city vs. country is very controversial in many people’s eyes but, the city has much more to offer economically, socially and in many other ways more convenient. Being able to meet your needs conveniently and to travel in a car less is what makes the city a lot easier to live in. Therefore, Living in the city is much more beneficial than living in the rural areas.
Being able to walk around different places that offer different things to meet your needs specifically is something we could dream of, well in the setting of a city you are able to virtually walk anywhere and either takes a metro or taxi and you will arrive at your destination quicker than ever. Living in the city brings a sort of social structure in a way because when you live in the Country your nearest neighbor may be a mile away. There may be times when you won’t see another human being for days unless you go somewhere off of your property.
And f you so much as run out of milk it means a trip in the car. Mechanics and most services are not close It is not easy if your car breaks down and your nearest mechanic is 30 miles away. Secondly, there are many kind of public transport such as train, tram, bus, taxi in the city and there are many streets. On the other hands, in the country they do not have many streets so therefore making the city transport system more complex but in a better way.

Again the convenience in the city is better than the convenience in the country. It is easy to make more friends because people living in a city are more friendly and happier with their friends. On the other hand, in the country people are less open minded to make friends with someone they have never met. Another factor that has to do with the well being of a person is getting sick, and health in the city is better than in the country, In city there are many hospitals. Lastly,

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