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Published: 2021-07-01 03:31:59
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There are a few reasons that I would like to point out as the "goals" of the presentation. After studying about Iranian Protest Music I feel that it is a good topic to educate yourself on, or more like protest music in general is a good topic to know a little about. One of the goals was to educate our peers on what exactly Iranian Protest Music is, why it happens, and how it is done. We want them to know the history behind it such as how it dates back to the revolution back in 1979.
This played a role in the publicity of the protests. We also wanted them to know about the most recent uproar" with the protests in Iran. It is crucial in this topic to know about the protests during the election that happened in 2009, and the reasoning behind it. The Iranians didn't like the fact that Maidenhead was supported by the U. S. So they were protesting the fact that his name was on the ballot. We also wanted them to know that it happens day and night, and what exactly the slight differences are between the two.
The daytime is for the ones who don't mind being in the limelight, whereas the nighttime chants are more for the ones who don't necessarily want to be associated with the protests. Another topic that we wanted to touch and talk about was the movie Yard-e- Debating-e-Man. This was a very meaningful video that kind of shows the soft side and the "heart warming" side of the protests. It shows the fact that two people were best friends as children, but life took them on two completely different paths.

One went down the path of law enforcement, and the other went down the path of the protesters, two different sides of the fence. Once the masks are taken off though, and they recognize each other, they rekindle those memories, which in my mind kind of wows how everyone is a person, no matter which side of the fence you are on, we all bleed the same. One other point that I believe was crucial, yet a tad graphic, was showing the video with the song "Need" from the popular singer Shania Nasal in the background.
I don't believe that many people; Americans in the majority realize how serious and violent these protests are. They don't realize that being associated with it can get you killed, and taking part in the protests can do the same. These arena a Joke, and I think that it is a big point to realize. Now on to how it went. Overall I think that it went well, and the information was taken well. I think that they truly understood the history behind the protests, and how they work, day and night. The Powering went over well but in hindsight I think that we should have utilized the Powering more than what we did.
We believed that the more information that we had was better, which was true, but I think that if we would have had more slides it may have all been easier to understand and comprehend what we are trying to explain. One thing that I regret the most about the Powering is that we didn't use a map, which was a huge mistake in my opinion. It was simple to explain in our eyes because we had studied it for awhile, but I know that I am a visual learner, and without the map to show the exact place that we were talking about I believe that it was tougher to understand.
With the video that I talked about earlier in the "goals" section I believe that it was a hit. We were under the mindset that the video at the end was crucial to the presentation, but we had no idea that it would be the main focal point. We spent more time on the video than we expected but it was good to be able to show our peers a video that was and is a big part of the protests. It is a cartoon that is very simple to follow along with and understand what the message is that's being portrayed.
One of the biggest things that I would change if I could is showing the graphic scene that went along with the video. The intent behind it was purely educational, but in hindsight it may have been a tad graphic for the classroom. That being said though I believe that it came across in a very serious manner, and it was taken the way we wanted it to be, to help them realize how truly horrible the scene of a protest can become. It is not Just a disagreement but it is people that are very seriously outing their life on the line for the cause, and are willing to do whatever it takes to have their views seen.
Overall I think that the presentation was very effective. I think that they took the information that we had to offer well, and can understand more about Iranian Protest Music as a whole. Though there are things that I wish we could change for sure, the biggest would be to dive more into the history. We defiantly had it in there, but I wish we would have emphasized it more than we did. We focused more on the present issue with the election, but I believe that the history is crucial as well.

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