Effetcs of methemphetamine use

Published: 2021-07-01 03:33:55
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Section A: Background (300- 400 words using formal, referenced, academic writing) What is your enquiry question about? This enquiry question seeks to uncover the relationship between methamphetamine (MA) use and the influence it has over criminal behavior. MA affects the central nervous system by stimulating the dopamine and morphogenesis receptors in the brain to produce the effect of alertness, euphoria and a sense of well being which In they would normally not take part in (Angling, Burke, Protect, Stammer, & Dad- noirs, 2000). According to (Angling et al. 2000) the physiological alterations in the body under the influence is similar to the fight-or-flight syndrome, which consist of a sis in blood pressure, body temperature, heart and breathing rate. Some unfavorable side effects include stomach cramps, shaking, cardiac arrhythmia, as well as increased anxiety, aggressiveness, paranoia, insomnia and hallucinations (Angling et al. , 2000). Production of MA relatively easy and although access to the necessary precursor chemicals can be reduced, it cannot be eliminated as most of the tools and chemicals required are everyday household items.
MA is manufactured in clandestine laboratories that normally gets set up in houses, apartments and other buildings, which make it easier for them to be hidden from local law enforcement (Witter, Marty, Mueller, Catchalls, & Newman, 2007). Why is it important to study this specific issue/debate/problem? The negative implications surrounding MA use does not only affect the user but also the wider community. The hazardous chemicals found at clandestine labs can cause health issues to first responders entering the labs during or after MA production such as sore throats, respiratory problems, headaches and eye and skin irritation (Witter et al. 2009). There can be increased health risks for paramedics transporting MA users as there is greater chance that the user could be HIVE positive due to the reported association between MA use and HIVE risk behaviors (Carrier, Greenbelt, & Michael, 2011). According to (Eyeliners & Biostatic, 2006, p. 79) there's can also be increased complications for paramedics when transporting patients under the influence of MA because they may not reveal that they are using the drug and require more invasive cardiac monitoring, presser support and procedures.
Section B: Report of Enquiry Activity What changes have you made to your enquiry question and why (if you have not changed your question at all, why? The first question was about the effects of methamphetamine use on the human body but that was considered a closed question and did not provide an opportunity create an argument. A change was done to structure the question so that an enquiry could be made whereas before most readers would know methamphetamine was bad for the human body, therefore I changed the question to find out what influence methamphetamine could have on other events.

Bearing in mind the changes (if any) you have made, what is your current enquiry question? How does methamphetamine use influence criminal behavior? Using a credible information source, define qualitative and quantitative modes of enquiry (in your own words; do not use quotes). Ensure that your source is referenced in-text and a full citation is supplied in the references section (at the end regular data into applicable statistics (Anderson, 2006). It can be used to compute behaviors; opinions, attitudes and other ascertain variables while generalizing results from a larger sample population (Anderson, 2006).
The measurable data can then be formulated into facts, which in turn are used to uncover patterns during the research (Anderson, 2006). The various data collection methods include surveys, interviews, longitudinal studies, online polls and systematic observations (Anderson, 2006). Qualitative research is largely an exploratory research. It can be deployed to gain underlying opinions, reasons and motivations to make it a valuable tool to help develop ideas or hypotheses for quantitative research (Anderson, 2006). Trends on opinions and thoughts can be uncovered allowing further research to go deeper into the problem (Anderson, 2006).
Frequently used methods include individual interviews, focus groups and observation of participants (Anderson, 2006). Respondents are chosen to fulfill a certain quota while the sample size is typically small (Anderson, 2006). Which mode(s) of enquiry (qualitative and/or quantitative) will be most relevant to answer your enquiry, and why? Quantitative research is be more relevant to answer this enquiry question as methamphetamine users and individuals involved in crime are not likely to admit the activities they are involved in. Deemphasizing users can also be under the influence of various substances legal and illegal therefore the information collected during qualitative methods may not be accurate. Being that quantitative research involves statistics that can be collected with data provided from government agencies that deal with large populations like law enforcement, customs and hospitals. List three of your search phrases by completing the tables below. Include synonyms, truncation, Boolean operators and quotation marks as appropriate.
You may add or delete columns, depending on the number of keywords in your enquiry. Concept 1 keyword Booleans (AND/OR) Concept 2 keyword Concept 3 keyword Methamphetamine And History Problem HIVE Persistence "Law enforcement" "Symptoms experienced" What combinations of specific search phrases and pathways have you used to find credible sources? Give full details (a short paragraph for each search) of two specific searches (phrase and database, e. G. , Google Scholar) you used to obtain credible information sources. 1 .
The TAUT library search was used with the phrase Methamphetamine and history and problem, I found the Journal article with the information I needed but a DOI was not available and the website address was through a proxy server so I had to extract key words from the title and used Google scholar to find the Journal and article on Taylor and Francis online. . I used TAUT library search with the phrase methamphetamine and "law enforcement" and "symptoms experienced" to find the journal article and then was linked to Taylor and Francis online, as TAUT subscribes to that website I was able to access the materials.

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