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About The Ellel Free Range Poultry Company
For many years we, Susie and Richard Charles, had become increasingly fed up with eating the cottonwool that is marketed under the name "poultry" .

In August 1997 the opportunity arose for us to move to North Lancashire near The Trough of Bowland. This gave us the opportunity to test the market by rearing 75 free-range bronze turkeys for Christmas 1997. The success was phenomenal and we could have sold many more than we reared.

Because of our success with the turkeys we decided that the same could be done for chickens and guinea fowl. Since 1998 we have reared different breeds of free range chickens and have settled for a slow maturing breed called Sassos.

The Ellel Free Range Poultry Company have reared different breeds of free range chickens over the past two years
Free Range Chickens breed to the highest standard available throughout the year At present, we are relatively small producers. In order to maintain the quality we are producing a batch of birds on a fortnightly basis. We sell to the general public (who can come and collect their orders, or have them delivered by courier) and to some of the finest restaurants and hotels in London and the UK, including The Square , Kensington Place , The House of Lords , "Fourth Floor" at Harvey Nichols (Leeds), Hotel Tresanton (Cornwall), Skibo Castle , The Dorchester (London), The Star Inn (Yorkshire) and The Waterside Inn (Bray).

Our aim is to build up a regular clientele who appreciate the effort we are putting in to produce naturally and traditionally reared food with real flavour. Luckily for us, people are now starting to demand this.

Please note Giblets are included with all our birds.
Our minimum order is 4 birds, which can be a mix of chickens and guinea fowl.

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Customer Testimonials

Dear Richard


The Chickens are excellent. At long last, an English producer who can beat the French at their own game! I can't wait for some more. Please let me know as soon as more are available. The Peers loved them, I've had nothing but praise about this brilliant English product.

Wishing you every success for the future.

Best wishes

Mark Thatcher
Executive Chef House of Lords

Dear Richard

I have to admit to being flabbergasted at the quality of the chickens you sent last week. We roasted one for Sunday lunch yesterday and two of my gastronomic friends averred they were simply the best they had ever eaten and I am inclined to agree with them. The only chicken that could rival them for richness of flavour might be a Chapon de Bresse (a French capon to you) but since they cost a hundred quid a time ! reckon that makes yours pretty good value. Besides, yours are English.

Chickens used to be great treat, and yours still are. Many congratulations.


Rowley Leigh
Kensington Place Restaurant & Bar

Dear Richard

I am delighted to enclose my comment regarding your chickens.

The chickens were some of the best I've ever tasted - the flavour and texture were excellent. Please let me know when some more will be available.

Kind regards

Michel Roux, Chef de Cuisine
Le Gavroche

[email protected]

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