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Easy-Cook Chicken Meals Perfect for College

One of the favourite meals among students is chicken. Not only is it a good source of protein, but it is also a good meal for lunch and dinner. You can cook it with Mexican spices and flavours, which makes it irresistible.
Our recipes can be prepared in various ways; more so, it will save you a lot of time. The chicken could be fried, crumbed, roasted, or shredded. At times, I get so carried away with trying to make this perfect dishes, I even had to look for a website to do my homework for me and order essay online whenever I forget about my assignment, and I really glad that I found Reddit homework help.
But long story short, here are the selected easy chicken recipes for college students:

1. Chicken And Bacon Caesar Wraps Recipe


· Romaine lettuce;
· Croutons;
· Wrap;
· Cooked chicken;
· Caesar dressing;
· Bacon.


I. Dice and cook the bacon, following the instructions on the pack;
II. Add a tbsp of Caesar dressing, cooked chicken and crispy bacon bits in a bowl;
III. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add to the mixture;
IV. Divide a slice of bread into squares and smear with butter. Put in the oven until crispy to make delicious croutons;
V. Put the chicken and bacon with the croutons;
VI. Serve and Enjoy.

2. Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Tortilla Toasties Recipe

This is a great recipe to spice up your culinary skills. Also, it’s one of my favourite chicken recipes for college students.
· Tortilla wraps – two pieces;
· Avocado – one large piece;
· Bacon;
· Chicken - cooked;
· Cherry tomatoes;
· Cheese – grated;
· Oil.


I. Put a frying pan on fire and add shredded bacon in it;
II. Peel and halve the avocado;
III. Add a pinch of black pepper in a bowl and mash together;
IV. Put the mashed avocado on the tortilla and top with grated cheese and halved tomatoes;
V. Put the second tortilla and heat in a frying oil with medium heat;
VI. Cut, allow to cool a bit and enjoy.

3. One Dish Delicious Chicken Fajitas Recipe

This is my favourite meal, and I cook it for my mum every time I travel home for the summer holidays. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner. The recipe is as below:
· Chicken mini fillets – 500 grams;
· Olive oil;
· Red or yellow pepper, 2-3 pieces;
· Red Onion – a piece;
· Salt and black pepper;
· Garlic powder – half tsp;
· Onion powder – half tsp;
· Cumin – half tsp;
· Paprika – half tsp.


i. Cut and shred the red onion into a baking dish;
ii. Shred the pepper and add together with the chicken;
iii. Sprinkle olive oil and mix together well;
iv. Add your onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper;
v. Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees;
vi. Make sure the chicken is fully cooked through and serve.


What another way to bring out your culinary skills by attempting these easy chicken recipes for college students. You get to enjoy these in the company of friends and experience the power of a well-cooked and simply delicious meal.

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